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Receiver S AC

Published on January 24, 2018

IMET presents the new receiver S AC, featuring the smallest size and weight for its category (127x147x70 mm). It allows its installation in small spaces and even its direct assembly on the switchboard’s Harting connector.

Designed big and built without skimping, for overhead cranes and hoists, the small receiver by IMET praises a very small size and a brilliant option!

It takes advantages of the AFA (Adaptive Frequency Agility) technology for the automatic management of the communication channels, while the traditional fixed-channel mode is still available for all situations that require a frequency mapping.

The S AC version of receiver S has 14 output relays and a new cost-saving option: the built-in flashing light.

It can be powered in 24 Vac (50-60 Hz) or in 11÷30 Vdc. Optional 24÷400 Vac (50-60 Hz) with auxiliary power supply board.

The installation of an external antenna is possible whenever the Harting connector is not present.

The STOP and the motion-commands functional security reach the maximum level, PL e (EN ISO 13849-1:2000 6.2.7) and PL d (joystick), respectively.

Thanks to the IP 66 degree of protection, the receiver S AC is perfectly suitable also for the most demanding working conditions.