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IMET was founded in 1988 and is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of industrial safety radio remote controls. The first series of products spread initially in the construction, ecology and concrete-processing sectors. In the following years, in the light of a growing need for productivity and safety in the industry, construction and other increasingly innovative sectors, the request to remotely control very complex machinery grew steadily, too. IMET, thanks to a dynamic and competent staff and its attitude based on a continuous technological innovation process, conquered a primary role within the market in a short time, which has become global. This, with the support of a constantly growing sales network and thanks to selected local distributors with considerable and structured experience. We develop cutting-edge products and systems for each sector, which are synonymous of technology, reliability, safety and ease of use, in close collaboration with our customers, with the main OEMs and with System Integrators.

IMET is, above all, a team. A combination of several people who put their talents together to win by producing innovation and discovering opportunities every day to innovate quality, design and product and application safety.
Hersteller von Funksteuerungen für industrielle Anwendungen
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Designed to serve, built to last: from ideas to substance, thoughts become reality

IMET products stand-out for their undisputed reliability and the high-quality level of the materials used; the result of constant research, experimentation, tests and verifications. All IMET equipment is entirely designed and assembled in the Sacile plant. It is then subjected to a series of intermediate checks and final tests, aimed at guaranteeing maximum reliability and compliance with current product and safety regulations. IMET has its own laboratories and a fully equipped anechoic chamber with numerous test options and test instruments. The propensity of the company towards careful planning of its resources, has allowed it to obtain the UNI EN ISO9001 quality certification since 1998.

The remote controls designed by IMET are devices that are used where it is essential to physically separate the user from the machinery and to control the latter “remotely”, without the aid of a physical connection and using radio waves as a means of transmission. In all these contexts, the IMET product reveals high-reliability, stands-out for its safety, productivity and freedom of movement.

The company has a wide and articulated range of products capable of satisfying the most diverse needs of various sectors with dedicated and specific customizations. The products, which are designed and manufactured to customer specification and detail, may it be an OEM or System Integrator; drilling, draining, marine, just to name a few fields, go along with standard equipment for the most common application areas, such as for example construction cranes or hydraulic cranes, bridge cranes and forestry winches.

Man-machine interface, usability and ergonomics are part of the IMET DNA. The goal is always to simplify the interaction between the operator and the machine itself, to make operations safer through ergonomics and intuitive controls. We are the indispensable support for all global machine manufacturers who are looking for a partner making customized safety remote controls, both in high volumes or for small series.

Top notch reliability
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Customer service: together before, during and after the purchase

IMET is present in over 40 countries with its sales and assistance network; a recognized capillarity, which is synonymous of reliability and speed of intervention, both in the pre-order consultative phase and for any after-market need. Customer satisfaction and attention to their expectations are for us a source of personal stimulus that leads us to establish a constructive, collaborative and above all, a lasting relationship in a vision of shared partnership.

From the first handshake to delivery, we follow you step by step in the evolutionary path of the product, mixing your and our experience in a solution that makes your product unique: a combination of talents looking for a win-win result.

Bauteile für Fernbedienungen für industrielle Anwendungen
No limits of application

An IMET radio remote control guarantees safety, increases productivity and efficiency of your application, thus giving greater comfort and simplicity in the movements and control of the machine. By choosing from the many models in the vast IMET range, you can create a customized system for each sector: construction, industrial lifting, hydraulic cranes, concrete, drainage, ecology, drilling, forestry, industrial automation and many more.

Our remote controls will be the best answer to your customization needs and will allow you to work in complete safety without physical connections with the machine. The result will be a new, more comfortable way of working, an attentive optimization of human resources and the reduction of workplace risks.

Enter the world of IMET remote controls!
IMET quality
Quality policy

IMET specializes in the design, construction, sales and assistance of safety radio remote controls for industrial applications. It is able to design according to customer specifications and to create products for the most diverse applications; that is, not just remote controls from the catalog, but ones with a very wide variety of possible customizations.

The equipment is designed and manufactured according to current regulations and has internationally recognized certifications.

IMET s.r.l. also ensures that it can carry out adequate assistance for its products, either directly or through its authorized centers.

IMET s.r.l. has defined and implemented the following strategies aimed at meeting the requirements and needs of the main Stakeholders:

  • Design and creation of a reliable product, capable of responding to the functionalities required by the market
  • Hardware and software customization of the product to meet the particular needs of OEMs and System Integrators
Innovate the product Develop the market Increase product quality Increase process efficiency by reducing delivery times

Implicitly, these quality objectives involve a commitment to continuous improvement both in the way to meet the needs of the Customer and other stakeholders, and in defining the product/service specifications, so that we can constantly monitor and evaluate the evolution and maintain quality levels in line with the main market needs.

The objectives for quality
for the next period
are as follows
IMET bando Por Fesr

Our Company has obtained the granting of a non-repayable fund for the realization of the project: “Inclusion of new technologies for the diversification of production, for energy saving and for environmental improvement”, based on the POR FESR 2014-2020 tender, Activity 2.3.a.1 bis “Aid for technological investments of SMEs.

The project provides for the introduction of a series of machines and plants, which include completely new technologies for IMET, such as in particular a modular line selective welding machine.

The primary objectives of the project is the raise of the production quality, obtained thanks to new technological investments, and the improvement of the company competitiveness.

In general, the project aims to increase the company’s turnover, reduce quality costs, and improve the environmental impact of the industrial process.

Estimated expenditure: 814,079.35 Euros

Contribution granted: 141,000.00 Euros

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