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The activity of the company began in 1988 thanks to the ingenuity of two brothers, Evio and Angelo Cadorin, with a passion for electronics and telecommunications equipment.

In the following years, IMET became one of the pioneers in the design and manufacturing of industrial safety radio remote controls.

A path that was made of a strong, competent staff that was always inclined towards a continuous process of technological innovation.

Already present in over 40 countries with its sales and service network, it now has a comprehensive range of products that’s able to meet the most diverse needs of all sectors of industry and construction and to create customized solutions at the request of the customer.

In the future, IMET aims to continue investing in research, quality, reliability and safety.


A special thanks to all the customers, suppliers and collaborators who have placed their trust in the company in recent years.


IMET was born

The company was founded in Sacile by the brothers Evio and Angelo Cadorin

TEL09, IRC20

First ever IMET remote controls.
Including design and construction of the radio modules.


TEL09, IRC20

First IMET remote controls ever. Including design and construction of radio modules.

Bauteile für Fernbedienung für industrielle Funksteuerungen



CTRL22 release. It is an evolution of the IRC20 model. Dedicated to concrete pumps.

Bauteil für Fernbedienung für industrielle Funksteuerungen


MAN22, KEY16

MAN22 for the construction industry. Approved ISPESL N° 5005/91 and PP.TT. N° 320013.

KEY 16 for the construction industry and crane systems. Approved ISPESL N° 5001/91.

Bauteile für Fernbedienung für industrielle Funksteuerungen



Evolution of the TEL09 model. Those remotes were featuring a new electronic platform and a housing ready for pushbuttons and toggle switches.


MKM220, MKR200

MKM220 as manipulator. MKR200 replaces KEY16: first push-button with IMET design box.

Bauteile für Fernbedienung für industrielle Funksteuerungen


New IMET Headquarters

IMET inaugurates its new Headquarters located in Caneva, via Canevon, 9.


IMET professioneller Hersteller von Fernbedienungen


M320 series


First TÜV certification

Product and production process certifications.

Bauteile für Fernbedienung für industrielle Funksteuerungen


First EN ISO 9001 certification

Certification is achieved.


Optical joystick

IMET designs and manufactures its own joysticks with built-in optical sensing technology.

Bauteile für Fernbedienung für industrielle Funksteuerungen


Micron 80

Compact pushbutton remote control: featuring an innovative soft touch keypad. Dedicated to industrial and mobile machinery demanding for an ergonomic single speed controller.

Fernbedienung für industrielle Funksteuerungen


M550 series

Release of Wave S, Wave L, Zeus, Thor, Wave Marine transmitters; L, H, MAC receivers; Datafeedback, CAN options.


CAT4 EN 954-1

STOP function features the highest level CAT 4 according to EN 954-1. Certified by Prima Ricerca & Sviluppo.


New IMET Headquarters

IMET inaugurates its new Headquarters located in Sacile, in via Fornace, 8.

Bauteile für Fernbedienungen für industrielle Anwendungen


DIN M8 is released

M8 transmitter was designed for DIN rail mounting, granting an extremely clean and practical installation.

Empfänger für industrielle Anwendungen



ATEX radio remote control marked: II 3GD Ex nA IIB T6 X Ex tD A22 IP65 T85 X

Fernbedienung für industrielle Funksteuerungen


M550 North American frequencies

M550 FCC radios for the US and CANADIAN markets.



IMET LOGO Restyling


Functional Safety SIL 3

STOP function achieves SIL 3 certification according to IEC 62061.




Compact and ergonomic ARES transmitter is released.



IMET research releases the SAFETY RING option able to create a wireless detection zone around the machine.

Manipulatoren für industrielle Funksteuerungen


M880 Series

WAVE2, ARES2, KRON, ZEUS2, THOR2, M, H, L receivers.


S receiver

This receiver boasts light weight and an extremely compact size being the ideal solution when space allowance is critical.


MODIN release

This transmitter was designed for DIN rail mounting, granting an extremely clean and practical installation.



Compact pushbutton panel, designed for the “mobile” sector, roadside, forestry, agricultural and many more thanks to its versatility.


Backlit panel

Perfect readability of the control seven during work sessions in dim light or in the dark.


Three-axis joystick PL d

Characterized by the rotary knob with return-to-center, which allows the optical joystick to enable an additional proportional or on/off function (PLd level).

Fernbedienung für industrielle Funksteuerungen



Extremely compact, but with many features suitable for any type of machine.


M880 ATEX/IECEx Zone 1

Remote controls for potentially explosive environments applications: Certified Transmitters EUT 19 ATEX 3493

II 2 G Ex ib IIB T4 Gb

II 2 D Ex ib IIIC 135°C Db

I M2 Ex ib I Mb, Tamb.:-20°C/+55°C

IECEx EUT 19.0015

Ex ib IIB T4 Gb

Ex ib IIIC T135°C Db

Ex ib I Mb


New IMET Headquarters

IMET inaugurates its new Headquarters located in Sacile, in via Ronche, 93.


Fernbedienung für industrielle Funksteuerungen



A new radio remote control designed for the exclusive use of forestry winches, realized in accordance with UNI/EN 17067 Standard that regulates the safety requirements of radio remote controls for forestry machines.


4,3″ Color Display

For Zed, Zeus2, Thor2 remote controls, the new 4.3’’ colour graphic display is available. The high brightness (800 nit) and 65,000 reproducible colors allow a clear and sharp display even in intense sunlight environments. Easily upgradeable and programmable via USB with dedicated software.



The new dimension of radio control for no limits applications in a concentrate of efficiency and innovation.

Fernbedienung für industrielle Funksteuerungen
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