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S-Holder – Ergodynamic shoulder support

Published on October 09, 2023

S-HOLDER is the innovative accessory developed by IMET that helps operators make the portability of their radio control more comfortable by distributing its weight over the entire body. S-HOLDER features a convenient docking/undocking system that allows quick and easy connection operations to the instrument, without providing any hindrance to the user’s normal mobility.

S-HOLDER design has been studied in order to achieve high ergonomics of the structure. The contact points with the operator’s body are equipped with special padded supports, which can limit friction and fretting with the human body as much as possible.

S-HOLDER is equipped with a height adjustment of its structure that can be configured very conveniently and quickly to adapt perfectly to the peculiarities of the individual: the angle of the arms with which the user can manipulate the radio control can thus be set with extreme precision and simplicity.

Attention to detail also guided IMET’s designers to include the possibility of adjusting a second joint in the crucial scapulohumeral area, with support distributed over the upper back such that fatigue to the trapezoid muscle is alleviated.

The set of features implemented makes S-HOLDER HOLDER an auxiliary device for operators particularly suitable in the case of large radio controls such as TITAN and THOR2 or for prolonged use over time.

IMET Auxiliary Systems

S-HOLDER adds to the other useful accessories to enhance the portability of IMET’s industrial radio remote controls, such as the practical and sturdy waist and shoulder belts.

professioneller hersteller von fernsteuerungen
professioneller hersteller von fernsteuerungen