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New IMET ATEX and IECEx radio remote control

Published on February 19, 2021

IMET presents its new radio remote control range designed and realized in accordance with ATEX and IECEx Directives for environments with potentially explosive atmospheres.

As rooted in IMET’s DNA, the product and the production process with Notified Quality System by Eurofins Product Testing Italy S.r.l. (NB 0477), EN ISO IEC 80079-34, respect the most recent and high-safety standards.

The features allow applications in areas classified gas 1 and 2, dust classified 21 and 22 and mining classified 2.

The command panel customization of the transmitter, always an added value by IMET, is done based on customer needs and those of the application, in respect of the pertinent regulations.

The new ATEX/IECEx version of KRON, ZEUS2 and THOR2 radio remote controls, models already with a consistent presence and proven functionality, allows now to operate in applications which were unthinkable before, where the operator may experiment a cutting-edge technology, together with the explosion proof rating.

A compact design, light-weight and simplicity of use, allow an excellent freedom of action and precision maneuvers for greater productivity, while ensuring the protection of your operators. The transmitter is powered by a specific rechargeable 3,6V battery, specially realized by IMET that can be used up to 11 hours on a single charge. The batteries can be replaced surely in hazardous environments.

All transmitters suitable for use in environments with a risk of explosion, like petrochemical, off-shore, recycling, ceramic and powdery products, mining sectors, can be paired to different receiver unit models, either in their standard housings or inside an explosion-proof enclosure, thus raising further the safety level of the whole system.


Supply kit:

• Transmitter for ATEX/IECEx area

• Receiver for non-hazard area (optional for ATEX/IECEx area)

• Battery charger

• Two ATEX/IECEx batteries

• Shoulder strap/belt/other

• User manual