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Published on November 17, 2023

The datafeedback ideal visual panel

LED-PAD is the peripheral specifically designed for IMET radio controls that can accommodate up to 32 datafeedback colored LEDs. LED-PAD can then represent the status of (up to) 32 specially programmed functions in the radio control. It is possible to customize LED-PAD graphics with descriptive lettering and/or icons, making particularly understandable meaning and functionality of each LED installed.


Compact and powerful

LED-PAD is the new accessory developed and produced by IMET, which manages to reduce hardware and mechanical footprint while allowing a large amount of information to be exchanged with the system. In this way, IMET’s radio controls can handle the feedback from the machine or from the plant and provide the user with the ability to have a wide range of parameters under control in real time.


LED lands on a new dimension

The housing of LED-PAD is designed to achieve excellent yields in terms of visibility of light from LEDs; the use of a special glass capable of introducing significant contrast and significantly reducing glare makes the viewing experience ideal for both bright and dark environments. LED-PAD is certified with an IP 65 degree of protection.


Continued evolution in M880

LED-PAD is compatible with IMET TITAN, THOR2, ZEUS2 and ZED radio controls and can be equipped with PAD Protection, the new optional produced by IMET that eliminates possible reflections resulting from workplace with significant external environmental lights: attached to IMET radio control housings as an optional extra, PAD Protection turns out to be a single body with the radio control, resistant to shocks and aggressive environments. The shape of PAD Protection is designed to facilitate viewing areas where LEDs or light components are installed.