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Published on November 27, 2023

New commands mindless

Picking up on the needs of manufacturers and system integrators arising from the creation of increasingly advanced and complex machinery and plants, IMET presents a new evolution for its radio controls. CTRL-PAD is the practical solution that offers the possibility of expanding the number of commands mounted on board. The detailed study of materials, combined with a careful analysis of shapes, has led to the creation of a new optional which combines a large space for new commands and maximum robustness for use in any working condition.


Configurability Squared

CTRL-PAD is the convenient expansion now available for the IMET TITAN, THOR2, ZEUS2 and ZED radio remote controls that allows numerous selectors, switches, LEDs, buttons or potentiometers to be integrated on its large surface. The number of functions that can be handled by the radio control has never been greater! CTRL-PAD is equipped with PAD Protection, the new accessory produced by IMET that eliminates possible reflections from workplaces with significant external ambient light: attached to IMET’s radio control housings, PAD Protection turns out to be a single body with the radio control, resistant to shocks and aggressive environments.


Smart shape factor in the service of creativity

The shape factor of CTRL-PAD has been intelligently designed and engineered by IMET to ensure maximum freedom of movement for the user, avoiding interference between mounted components and offering optimal visual rendering of any installed lighting components.