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ARES2.1: flexibility without compromise

Published on October 26, 2023

Compact and robust

ARES2.1 has retained the philosophy of the previous version designed to be extremely rugged and compact while at the same time lightweight and ergonomic. ARES2.1 is equipped with a practical clip for quick attachment to the belt. Incredible convenience in movement for the user is the result of ARES2.1’s very small footprint, which is nonetheless accompanied by ample space to accommodate up to 9 controls on the main panel and up to 4 buttons plus mushroom STOP button (GSS) on the sides.


Transverse solution

The large number of installable controls expands the range of applications in which ARES3 can be integrated. The new positioning of the STOP mushroom in the side position provides even faster and more intuitive access to the emergency function.  ARES3’s features make it suitable for use in applications such as water jetting, canal cleaning, mortar pumps, forestry winches and skidders.


Flexibility without compromise

It mounts up to 4 LEDs, useful for reporting radio control status information and integrating specific requests dictated by particular applications. Fully customizable, it can be configured with pushbuttons, toggle switches, rotary switches and potentiometers.


Supply kit

Transmitter unit, receiver unit, ergonomic leather belt, removable rechargeable NiMH long-life battery (in the configuration with optional lithium battery, the capacity is more than doubled), battery charger.


     For further information download the data sheet!

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