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MTRS: Multi transmitter and multi receiver system

Published on February 07, 2018

There is a wide range of work situations that require the sharing of machines by more operators without violating the safety norms; that is, in contexts that are different from the typical situation of one machine being controlled by an exclusive transmitter.

It is also the case of two or more overhead travelling cranes working in tandem and/or managed in master-slave, conveyor belts of warehouses handled by more operators, cable railways controlled by two or more persons, etc.

All these cases and many other, can be satisfied by IMET M880 radio remote controls having the special MTRS option (Multi Transmitter and Multi Receiver System), which allows each transmitter to select with up to 8 combinations of receivers, and each receiver to be able to recognize up to 8 transmitters, as long as they operate one at a time.