Fields of application
Sewer vacuum pumps
Forklifters loaders
Concrete mixing plants
Harvesting machines
Trenching machines
Tunneling boring machines (TBM)
Yacht/boat mooring
Drilling machines

Prototyping and series production

IMET supports Manufacturers and System Integrators in the customization of the product, based on the needs of their application. IMET makes prototypes and pre-series. Once the specifications are defined, the customer plans the supplies. The technology and installations on which IMET has invested allow a large and diversified production capacity, thus ensuring product repeatability in times that are appropriate to customer needs.

Total configurability

The CNC drilling of the boxes and the multi-colored digital printing and cutting of the panels are realized internally. Together with an extremely dynamic Technical Office, IMET can meet the most varied needs of manufacturers. The positioning of the components and the symbology are fully customizable.


With a view to sustainability and preservation over time, they are made of high-quality materials and components. IMET remote controls are designed for use in the most extreme environments. To ensure durability, the products are tested internally with instruments that verify the degree of protection from penetration of liquids and dust, aging with climate tests, UV light, salt spray and incandescent wire.

Repairable over time

Durable and repairable, this is the perspective on which IMET products are designed, all in function of a paradigm of environmental sustainability and cost reduction. There’s certainty of spare parts supplies over time, also for systems at the end of lifecycle, thanks to a structured and well-stocked warehouse.

Operating logic

IMET remote controls having physical outputs and depending on quantity, can be equipped with complex operating logic, developed according to manufacturer’s specifications. Our Technical Department, thanks to the know-how acquired in decades of experience in every sector, is capable of following you in every step of development.

Programming and diagnostic

Through a dedicated software (sold separately), you can set-up some parameters of the system. The programming tool acts as an interface to the PC. This device allows the reading of any diagnostic information about the system operation.

Harsh environments

The remote controls are designed and built to be used in the most demanding environments. In order to ensure the durability, the products are tested internally with instrumentation and systems that check infiltration, aging, salt spray, UV, fire; only to mention some.

Monoaxial Joystick

The product designed in IMET with unique characteristics for the market. Based on optical reading technology, it is free of mobile electrical parts. Tested for 15,000,000 maneuvers and equipped with a +/-40 rotation angle, it guarantees precision and tactile sensitivity. UMFS protection up to PL d Cat. 3. Available in two versions: inclined lever or straight lever. It can also be used in mixed configurations to simplify the identification of maneuvers.

Biaxial Joystick

Thanks to the optical reading technology conceived by IMET, our biaxial joysticks guarantee the operator surgical precision and a tactile control feeling of the objects being moved. Tested for 15,000,000 maneuvers and equipped with a travel angle of up to +/-40". Protection UMFS up to PL d Cat. 3. The range covers every need: stepless proportional joysticks, step joysticks, with interlocked axes, with button of various colors.

Biaxial stick joystick

A safe handgrip during operations requiring precision movements. The large grip can also be equipped with buttons that can be activated without letting go the joystick.

Triaxial Joystick

Always using optical reading technology, the IMET triaxial joystick allows you to have in one hand three proportional functions simultaneously. UMFS protection up to PL d Cat. 3.
Certificazione CE
Certificazione CE

Certificazione CE

Certificazione EAC
Certificazione EAC

Certificazione EAC

Certificazione ACMA
Certificazione ACMA

Certificazione ACMA (Australia)

Dimensions (L.W.A.)400 x 230 x 170 mm / 15.7 x 9.05 x 6.7 in
Weight (battery included)from 3 to 4,5 kg / 6,61 x 9,92 lb depends on the configuration
Max number of ON/OFF commands64
Max number of analog commands (optional)30
Max number of single-axis joysticks30
Max number of dual-axis joysticks8
Casing materialCharged Nylon UL94 HB
Color graphic display (optionals)4,3"
Operating temperature-25°C +55°C / -13°F +133°F
Degree of protectionIP 65
Additional optionals

Serial cable

For systems used in environments where radio frequency is not allowed or in emergency situations where batteries are not available. By means of a cable connection between transmitter and receiver, the transmission via radio is temporarily excluded and the transmitter is fed directly from the receiver unit.


KAPTA allows the operator to make unlimited and rapid pairings between transmitting and receiving units, without the need of opening the devices. It always ensures exclusive control of the machine to a single operator.

RTAS Real Time Analog Setup

RTAS is a technology that allows the calibration of proportional outputs directly from the transmitting unit. Following the relevant procedure, which is protected by an access code, it is possible to vary the minimum and the maximum limits for each movement of the machine.

Tilt Sensor

TILT SENSOR secures the system if the transmitter is in an abnormal position or accidentally falls to the ground.

DSC Dynamic Speed Control

Precision and safety in movements are fundamental in the performance of the job. The DSC feature allows to vary in real-time and in a continuous way, the speed of the machine movements, until obtaining the desired accuracy.


S-HOLDER is the innovative accessory developed by IMET that helps operators make the portability of their radio control more comfortable by distributing its weight over the entire body. S-HOLDER features a convenient docking/undocking system that allows quick and easy connection operations to the instrument, without providing any hindrance to the user’s normal mobility.
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Manipulator für industrielle Anwendungen
Real Time Analog Setting IMET
Tilt sensor
dynamic speed control
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