Fields of application
Drilling machines
Tunneling boring machines (TBM)
Forestry machinery

Automatic Frequency Agility (AFA)

As it is based on "AFA" technology, (Adaptive Frequency Agility), it avoids manual frequencies changes. The radio remote control continuously searches and selects the less impeded channel among the available ones.

PIN Code: Always in safe hands

The new IMET range of radio remote controls allows you to set a customizable safety PIN code, so that the device can only be used by authorized personnel. This is yet another proof of how IMET designs and develops its products with extreme attention to details.

R.T.A.S. radio calibration

The response behaviour of the single joysticks may be calibrated directly via radio, thus customising the speed of all crane motions (access protected by PIN code).

IMET big joysticks: now you have total control!

G4S units can fit palm-grip joysticks to replicat the feeling of cabin seats joysticks.

Joysticks tri-axis

The tri-axis joystick, featuring a rotating return-to-center knob, allows enabling an additional proportional or ON-OFF function having category PL d on the joystick itself.

IMET dual-axis joysticks: now you have total control!

Forget the expensive maintenance costs of traditional sliding contact joysticks! Thanks to the contactless sensing technology, IMET dual-axis joysticks guarantee a long-life and maintenance-free operation providing superb proportional and step control, and will allow smooth and precise control of handling operations throughout the life cycle of your controller. Our range of solutions will cover all your needs: stepless proportional joysticks, one-step or multi-step joysticks (up to 5 steps for each axis).

Selection and motion controls: maximum comfort at work

IMET presents a wide range of selectors, buttons, switches and potentiometers that can meet every possible demand in terms of customisation. These components are extremely handy and suitable for long work shifts, even for operators wearing gloves.

Control panel: we turn your ideas into reality

Using the advance technology of digital print, IMET is now able to customise markings according to your needs. For more complex configurations, multi-colour solutions allow the operator to identify quickly the various control units, thereby preventing errors or inadvertent activations.

Ergonomic belt

The convenient belt attachment allows the operator to have their hands completely free, and hence manage easily the loading and unloading operations on the crane.

Event log

IMET radio remote controls memorize all events that may have led to failures or unexpected stops, as well as the device operating hours.
Certificazione CE

Certificazione CE

Certificazione ACMA

Certificazione ACMA (Australia)

Certificazione MIC

Certificazione MIC (Giappone)

Certificazione FCC

Certificazione FCC (USA)

Certificazione IC

Certificazione IC (Canada)

Certificazione KCC

Certificazione KCC (Korea)

Certificazione EAC

Certificazione EAC

Dimensions (L.W.A.)400 x 230 x 170 mm
Weight (battery included)from 3 to 4,5 kg depends on the configuration
Max number of ON/OFF commands64
Max number of analog commands (optional)30
Max number of single-axis joysticks30
Max number of dual-axis joysticks8
Range100 m
Casing materialCharged Nylon UL94 HB
BatteryNiMh 2,4V - 4,3 Ah
Autonomy at 20°C with charged battery in continuous service≃ 14 ore
UMFS protection
Operating frequency 1I.S.M. Band 433.050-434.790 MHz 69 programmable channels in AFA mode or on fixed channel. Max power: 1 mW e.r.p
Operating frequency 2I.S.M. 434.040-434.790 MHz 30 programmable channels in AFA mode or on fixed channel. Max power: 10 mW e.r.p
Operating frequency 32,4 GHz 38 ch. Potenza massima: 10 mW e.r.p
Color graphic display (optionals)4,3"
Operating temperature-25°C - +55°C
Degree of protectionIP 65
Additional optionals

Serial cable

For systems used in environments where radio frequency is not allowed or in emergency situations where batteries are not available. By means of a cable connection between transmitter and receiver, the transmission via radio is temporarily excluded and the transmitter is fed directly from the receiver unit.
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KAPTA allows the operator to make unlimited and rapid pairings between transmitting and receiving units, without the need of opening the devices. It always ensures exclusive control of the machine to a single operator.
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RTAS Real Time Analog Setup

RTAS is a technology that allows the calibration of proportional outputs directly from the transmitting unit. Following the relevant procedure, which is protected by an access code, it is possible to vary the minimum and the maximum limits for each movement of the machine.
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Tilt Sensor

TILT SENSOR secures the system if the transmitter is in an abnormal position or accidentally falls to the ground.
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DSC Dynamic Speed Control

Precision and safety in movements are fundamental in the performance of the job. The DSC feature allows to vary in real-time and in a continuous way, the speed of the machine movements, until obtaining the desired accuracy.
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