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AXT, the new radio remote control by IMET dedicated to forestry winches

Published on 22 February 2021

IMET presents its new radio remote control designed for the exclusive use of forestry winches, realized in accordance with UNI/EN 17067 Standard that regulates the safety requirements of radio remote controls for forestry machines.

AXT is the ideal partner for professionals involved in forestry operations who need total safety, freedom of movement and autonomy during the job.

AXT is practical, small, intuitive and easy to use. Its control panel combines an optimal command protection with a perfect legibility. It can be worn comfortably with its leather belt, both during the working operations and while moving in the woods.

In its standard configuration, it features 4 selectors/buttons and a STOP button. On request, there can be proportional commands and feedback LEDs for indicating the operation status of the machine. It has three system LEDs that monitor the battery status and the radio connection, which takes advantage of the most recent radio communication technologies, like the automatic management of frequency channels in the presence of other transmitting devices.

Basic functions: Wind, Unwind, Gas+, Gas-, Engine Start, Engine Stop

Optional functions: PTO and emergency call

The equipment is issued with an extractable and rechargeable long-lasting NiMH battery. The optional configuration with a LiPo battery doubles the autonomy.

The standard receiver includes an internal antenna, while the external antenna is optional.

The housing is manufactured and assembled with a highly-resistant to impact material, as well as against dust and water (IP 65 protection class). The selected components used guarantee strength, duration and reliability of the product over time.

It is supplied with

• Transmitter

• Receiver

• Battery

• Battery charger

• Leather belt

For further information:

Manipulator für industrielle Anwendungen
Manipulator für industrielle Anwendungen
Manipulator für industrielle Anwendungen
Manipulator für industrielle Anwendungen