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Display GFX 4.3

Published on September 29, 2023

GFX 4.3 is the result of the continuous research and development that makes IMET a leader in innovation for industrial radio controls. With GFX 4.3 you can easily and intuitively manage any machine, having all the desired parameters under control, displayed clearly and effectively on a handy 4.3” color display.

A revolutionary diagnostic system is also installed in GFX 4.3: it is now possible to monitor in real time the correct operation of the radio control and all its components. Controlling machines, even complex ones, has never been easier.

The freedom of being able to develop your own graphic interface (GUI) independently completes the description: GFX 4.3 with all its features is the big novelty now available in the world of industrial radio controls!


     For further information download the data sheet!


industrielle funkfernsteuerungen
industrielle funkfernsteuerungen